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Andrew W. Elliott, N.D. Naturopathic Physician
Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a system of health care that integrates several traditionally used methods of healing. It is an approach to prevention and treatment of disease that seeks to:

  1. understand and treat the human being as a dynamic, integrated whole;
  2. nourish and stimulate the being’s inborn healing forces;
  3. provide an effective resource for education toward prevention and healing;

Traditional Methods

Naturopathic medicine seeks to integrate the wisdom of traditional methods of healing into a framework of modern medicine. These methods include the ancient methods of healing with diet, herbs, water, exercise, massage, fasting, prayer, faith etc. and newer methods such as homeopathy (only 200 years old) and clinical nutrition (a product of modern biochemistry).


Dr. Elliott is guided by an understanding that each human being is comprised of:

  • the physical (anatomy and physiology)
  • the energetic (called the chi, ki, prana, etheric, or vital force in different cultures)
  • the emotional/menta
  • the spiritual

It is by respecting each aspect of our profound complexity that healing (“to be made whole”) is best sought. Each aspect is vital and affects the others. Balance and harmony are needed to allow us the freedom to pursue our life’s purpose.


The practice of naturopathic medicine seeks to assist each person to re-find her/his balance by seeing that he/she is properly nourished in each of her/his aspects. This may involve proper diet, nutritional supplementation, consideration of nourishing interpersonal relationships, community interaction, beauty (found in nature, in art, music, dance etc.), humor, humility, meditation and prayer.

When necessary, naturopathic medicine may also employ methods to stimulate the being’s own natural ways of healing. This may be with the use of herbs, homeopathic medicines, hydrotherapy, exercise, massage, creative expression (art, dance, writing, theater etc.), counseling, generosity, service etc.

Listen, Teach and Partner

One of the “secrets” of healing is to listen with respect to the story of each person’s illness. This can only be properly done in the context of adequate time and a framework of compassionate openness to the whole person.

The word “doctor” comes from the Latin “docere” meaning “to teach.” This valuable part of practicing medicine is vital to assist a patient to understand and make choices about their own healing.

Dr. Elliott considers himself as an invited guest on the path you have chosen to take in seeking health. He feels that it is important to work along side you to help forge a way that works for you in the particular situation you are in.

The Cause

Once the philosophy of holistic medicine is embraced, the idea of finding and addressing the cause of disease becomes profound. Are a person’s chronic headaches the result of biochemical dysfunction, imbalances of subtle energy flow, long held anger and resentment, refusal to follow a calling of the spirit, or some combination of these? Dr. Elliott’s task is to be open to whatever emerges in the investigation of the origin of a specific disease, and to have the knowledge, skill and flexibility to address what is found.

The Healing Community

Dr. Elliott understands that each person practicing the healing arts may play an important part in any specific person’s path to health. This might include a nurse, a member of the clergy, an MD radiologist or internist, a physical therapist, a counselor, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a laboratory technician, a body worker, a naturopathic physician, an herbalist, an art therapist, a dance or yoga teacher etc. It is important to respect the honest intentions and skills of all who seek to heal human suffering.